Friday, August 23, 2013

Coming Soon: Review of Banished Heart

This weekend I hope [finally] to publish a review of Dr. Geoffrey Hull's Banished Heart: Origins of Heteropraxis in the Catholic Church. Thus far it is the best and most temperate work I have encountered on the current state of the Church, liturgically and otherwise. Should any of my readers be in Holy Orders this quote from the last page of the book may be of interest to you:
"Moreover, if the Church is to recover her true self, men preparing to receive Holy Orders will need constantly to reflect on the significance of the liturgical custom of laying out a priest's corpse with his head pointing to the altar rather than with his feet in that direction as at the funeral of a layman. For on the last day, each priest will stand versus populum to face those he was commissioned humbly to serve on earth, who will testify to his deeds, after which he shall turn around, versus ad Orientem, to hear the Sun of Righteousness render His final judgment."

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  1. I am about half way through it myself. Looking
    forward to your review.