Thursday, August 15, 2013

Possible New Project

First, a little music for the Assumption of our Lady. The St. Lawrence Press blog featured a full recording of the propers of the old Assumption Mass with Palestrina's Missa Assumpta est Maria, which you can hear below. The Gaudeamus omnes opening is quite striking.

Second, and mainly, a possible project can to my mind when reading Dr. Hull's chapter on the Counter-Reformation Church and Dom Gueranger's role in suppressing the local rites of France under the auspices of latent Jansenism within the texts. The Rad Trad happens to have digital scans of a few of these missals, including the Parisian Missal and the Lyonese rite. I will be seeking a copy of Rheims' missal, too. The project would be to examine the ordinary of Mass and maybe two dozen randomly selected Masses in each missal to check for any possible Jansenism, an evaluation of Gueranger and the Ultramontanists' claims. Sound interesting?


  1. Very interesting indeed!

    I'm currently on the chapter "Peter's Rome or Caesar's?". It's an interesting book, and I'm surprised to find a trad so sympathetic to the EO.