Monday, August 12, 2013

Patron Saint

I am considering putting this minor little blog under the patronage of a saint, to whom I would pray regularly for you readers. Any suggestions?


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  2. Hello. My name is Michael Lofton and I am a Catholic in West Monroe, Louisiana looking to speak to someone who is knowledgable about the issues going on right now in the Church concerning the Liturgy and I came across this blog. Please contact me at I have alot of questions. Thanks.

  3. My suggestion: St. Felix of Valois. Here's why: in the II nocturn for his feast we read that (paraphrasing) on the vigil of the Bl. Virgin's Nativity, God so disposed that none of the confreres awoke, but St. Felix, as usual, watching and anticipating the hours entered the chapel to find the Blessed Virgin clothed in the habit of the order (Trinitarians) in the middle of the choir, the stalls filled with the heavenly host likewise in the habit of the Trinitarian Order. The Mother of God acted as precentrix, and so--we read--the Saint sang the hours amid the heavenly choir.

    Could there be a better, or at least a more evocative, Patron in heaven of the beauty of the ancient liturgy and its intimate connection with the glory of heaven?

    Yours (back in the U.S. now),
    Fr. Capreolus

    1. Fr. Capreolus,

      A very intriguing suggestion! I will investigate and pray on it.

      Good to hear you are safe and sound. Do let me know if you're ever in the Boston/New Hampshire area.