Sunday, August 25, 2013

St. Zephyrinus

At Sunday Vespers today there was a commemoration of the feast of St. Zephyrinus, Pope from 199 until his death in 217. An obscure Bishop of Rome worthy of greater remembrance, the Saint guided the Church of Rome through the persecution of Severus and opposed the heresy that Christ was a prophet, but not the Word Incarnate. A Catholic in the Blackfen area of England runs a blog named in memory of this wonderful Saint. Pray for him!
Iste Sanctus pro lege Dei sui certavit usque ad mortem, et a verbis impiorum non timuit: fundatus enim erat supra firmam petram.

V. Gloria et honore coronasti eum, Domine.
R. Et constituisti eum super opera manuum tuarum.

Praesta, quaesumus omnipotens Deus: ut beati Zephyrini Martyris tui atque Pontificis, cujus gaudemus meritis, instruamur exemplis.

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  1. Most gracious of you, The Rad Trad.

    Thank you.

    A Very Happy Feast Day of Saint Zephyrinus to you and all your Readers.

    in Domino.