Thursday, December 19, 2013


Having taken enough abuse from fellow lovers of Catholic tradition in the last few years—although the readers of this blog have been very well behaved and civilized until recently—I have decided to leave this little blog and spend my free time focusing on prayer and reading the Fathers.

I began this blog over a year ago at the urging of my closest friend, who suggested it might be an outlet for me to express my opinions and network with others who share them. In this the blog was a success, as I have made acquaintance with many of you and enjoyed our correspondence. In that, I hope to continue knowing many of you. If any of you wish to contact me and have not done so I can be reached at

The blog will remain up so readers can see prior posts.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. God be with you.

UPDATE: Alright, maybe I "jumped the gun" a bit soon, but I am certainly stepping away for a while. Perhaps I will return at some point in January (after the Octave of Epiphany at the earliest). In the mean time, thank you all very much for your support. Do say a pray for me at some point in the next month!


  1. Would strongly urge you to reconsider if at all possible, though I don't mean to pry.

  2. I second Hereward's request that you reconsider shuttering this blog. It is a treasure.

  3. Although a lowly noob on this blog, I desire to associate myself with the previous two expressions of support.

  4. Dear Rad Trad. I just recently discovered this Blog and I consider it a treasury of information, right thinking, and it is peppered with pertinent insights that have already corrected many of my past errors/assumptions.

    If someone is bugging you - Gee, who could that be? - just ice them out. Every time they post, delete their comments. Let them start their own Blog.

    Please reconsider. I am learning a TON from you (and I am a know-it-all)

    Pax tecum

  5. What???!!! What the four above said. The six-part series on the liturgical "reform" is a treasure.

  6. Please reconsider. As I've written you before, your erudition and grace are second to none in the traditional blogosphere. Whether you know it or not, and I realize your audience is modest at the moment, but you're filling the niche Shawn Tribe once filled with NLM.

    As John said, this blog is a treasure. You're needed, especially given what we now face. Please don't abandon your post.

  7. We stand with you, The Rad Trad.

    If you decide to take a break. So be it. We're still with you.

    If you decide to reconsider and stay on the Blog a while. So be it. We're still with you.

    Where else can one read such insightful Postings ?

    We stand with you.

    in Domino

  8. Can't add much more to what everyone else has said already.

  9. Continue writing. The Lyons series is particularly interesting.

    I just suggest you refrain from writing on burning traditionalist issues. You should consider that your writings could also abuse others...

  10. Dear Marko. You have to exert your own self to come here and read this Blog and if you do not appreciate what this intelligent and industrious gentleman has to write, then don't come here.

    I only just began to come to this Blog recently but I rapidly got clued-in to its seriousness and its milieu which clearly ain't what the milieu of other Blogs - which allow write backers - is like.

    That is, it ain't a rhetorical food fight; just look at his great exchange with Maestro.

    Marko, start your own Blog and from there you can tell others what to do and I am sure you will garner the numerical following you deserve.

    1. I was suggesting something. Not commanding anything. Aren't you telling him what to do when you tell him to continue writing?

      I appreciate almost everything he writes. His posts on liturgy are great. This whole blog is awesome. But obviously, theology topic is touchy...

      I do not seek followers...

  11. RadTrad,

    This blog is one of a kind: not only intellectually informative, but spiritually edifying. And entertaining to boot! Please do not quit the quill (er, keyboard).

  12. I have been reading your blog for months but have never commented until now, to encourage you to continue! I appreciate your knowledge, perspective, and insights, and have learned much. Merry Christmas to you!

  13. I concur with the above commenters.

  14. Wharever you do, I will pray for you; I understand you quite well!!

    I would like you to return some day after this break, but you will surely do what is better for your soul. Thanks for this wonderful site, which I have enjoyed very much, y que Dios te bendiga.

    Kyrie eleison

  15. Stepping away is good. Everyone needs a Christmas break!

    A blessed Christmas and Happy New Year. Be sure you're in my prayers.

    See you next year!

  16. Good sir,

    As one who has found himself pushed hard to tradboard (so to speak) in the past three months, and as one who has had your blog recommended as a beacon in my own near loss of faith, I can only applaud you for the courage to let the mantle of bloggery fall. I am a reluctant traditionalist myself, and I have been there. A few weeks ago I found myself in the same place once more: "I'm done." Sometimes enough is enough.

    And yet, true to your own experience, I suspect, I have felt how the prayers and pleas of my little band of readers has, despite my every intention, bouyed me back to clarity and confidence. Take all the time you need, good sir, but also know that no small good accrues to the skills of your readers of you take up the cross again. I HAVE BEEN THERE. I AM THERE.

  17. Dear Rad Trad,

    I am glad you do not intend to leave the blogosphere permanently, but merely want to take a break. As I do not know the particular background to your leave- I can only speculate- I would like to say a few words. As difficult as it may be, do not get entangled in the insecurities of others or misunderstandings, regardless of who fueled them. Do not take offense to those that disagree and never think that you cannot write about controversial topics. That said, I hope your leave will provide you with the peace that you are seeking and I am eagerly awaiting your return! All your wonderful friends and readers on here will miss you and will all be praying for you.

    -Taguk Mook

  18. No! Don't leave. Don't let the grumpy fellows get you down. I love you blogs. Peace my brother.

  19. Dearest Rad Trad,
    I'd like to add my voice to the others' above and beg you to continue. Yours is one of the very few blogs whose entries I read completely. Always interesting! And for your intentions, I remembered you (along with all my friends') at the Missa in nocte. Vivas, crescas, floreas, amice!