Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sedevacantist Dating Update

I have removed the image of Fr Anthony Cekada from my previous post about a Sedevacantist dating website in response to Marko and Rubricarius' comments. While I agree with Not Spartacus that Fr Cekada has a good sense of humor and may not be so bothered, his image does not make so much sense in the article. The reason for putting his picture there was really that he is, to my knowledge, the most prominent sedevacantist in the world now that Bishop de Castro Mayer is dead.
The post was not meant to mock sedevacantists, only to get a little laugh in over such a curious niche in the dating scene.
There may be a post forthcoming with the Rad Trad's [serious] views on sedevacantism....


  1. A post on the subject would be interesting. It appears to me that Sedevacantism is a fruit of an accepted understanding of infallibility and indefectibility and the desire to reconcile what Rome taught in the past with the current situation. The logic of Paul IV's teaching in Cum ex Apostolatus makes sense but is, of course, contradicted by Pius XII's 1946 legislation on papal elections which grants heretical cardinals voting rights.

    My view is that there is a question to be asked concerning tolerance and prejudice. Your post about the dating site noted the non-communion between different SV groups. My understanding, and I am open to correction, is that there is one specific group, the followers of Bp. Kelly, who are not in communion with other SV groups. One suspects this goes back to 'bad blood' and the condemnation Fr. Kelly made of certain consecrations in the early 1990s whilst Fr. Kelly had at the time had received clandestine consecration from a retired ordinary. Such 'bad blood' is not confined to SV circles as at the same time a friend of mine was planning her wedding here in the UK. She had been received from Anglicanism years previously by a SSPX priest. The bishop of her diocese ruled that her marriage would be a mixed marriage as she was a non-Catholic. It took the intervention of several learned canonists and a theologian to bring a happy resolution.

  2. There has been an interesting series of articles on sedevacantism in the Spanish-speaking blog "infoCaótica". Unfortunately they are chiefly from a canonical point of view, but I think they would be interesting and useful for you. This is the last article:

    Waiting for your opinions on sedevacantism...

    Kyrie eleison

    1. Thank you for that very interesting article! A good illustration of the power of judgment and authority. The marriage examples are particularly useful because, at least in the case of marriage, the doubter is a participant. With a canonical election there is no such place for doubt.

  3. Looking forward to serious post on sedevacantism.