Monday, December 9, 2013

This Pope

The incumbent of the Roman bishopric has caused tremendous confusion since his elevation in March, elating liberals into thinking that Church teaching would change, only to burn him in effigy. Ultramontanists like Fr. Longenecker have expressed their disappointment in the Pope's attacks on doctrinaire Catholics while Fr. Zzzzzzz is convincing his readers than Francis is just as traddy as Benedict XVI (who was just so trad himself). And then there is the SSPX/Rorate Caeli group whose thoughts can be summed up in the words of Bernard Fellay: "We have a modernist pope."
Clearly this Pope, whether he means to do so or not, is perturbing many Catholics. While many readers may suffer scruples and difficulties owing to Roman politics and even the Pope's own words, let not your hearts be troubled! "Lutheran Satire," a conservative protestant pundit group, has come up with an amusing bit of insight into the current pontificate.


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  2. Sorry, that to delete my earlier comment- spelling error. Here's the proper version:

    Actually, all this talk about Pope Francis, no matter what the content of the chatter is, is rather important. It is putting the Papacy and Catholicism in the foreground, isn't it? Entering center stage might come with its drawbacks, but it also has its benefits. What do you think?