Thursday, December 19, 2013

Legacy of the Council

This fellow does not seem too on board with the previous pope's continuity program. About four minutes into the clip Fr. Ruff asks a question about Summorum, the response to which I find less that enlightening.


  1. Sounds like what one hears here on the Catholic TV show that passes on the public channel: the glorification of VC2 and asinine explanations. The only thing different is that Summorum Pontificum is actually mentioned; here it's taboo.
    "OMG, a bi-ritual Church! The horror!"

  2. It'd sound more truthful were he to have identified S.P. as a Counter-Revolutionary Movement that must be excised from the Body of Christ owing to its debilitating effect on the putative health of the new body of Christ.

    V2 erected prison walls (who says you can't change analogical horses in the middle of a stream of commentary) around Tradition and the burgeoning traditional movement has created cracks in those walls through which the faithful may escape from the prison they so loving constructed for the faithfuI.

    The revolution is indefatigable and it comprises both a Read Guard (isolate then eliminate S.P.) and a Vanguard (expedite erection of the church of the poor) and innumerable ecclesiastical Girondists exist who will, compliantly, go along with the revolution but who, at some future point, could become Girondists of the counter-revolution and as it is the case the Girondists likely represent a majority of existing Prelates, the temptation of Traditionalism must be denied to them by the Rear Guard so the Vanguard can continue the revolution absent opposition in the highest ranks.