Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Interesting Re-Post By Fr. Hunwicke

We boutique liturgical fetishists have long pondered a minor question which, I think, illustrates the liturgical mish-mash discussed earlier in Summorum Pontificum & the Rite of Econe. Is St. Joseph in the Canon of the Mass in the books as SP and the Ecclesia Dei commission want us to use them or is he not?

Fr. Hunwicke mentions the matter a bit and his readers in the comment box below debate the issue of dates. The 1962 Missal was issued mid-year and the addition of St. Joseph, issued in November that year, did not take effect until December 8th. So do those who celebrate under the aegis of SP use the 1962 typical edition or the books that existed by December 31st, 1962?

The video referenced is a Mass demonstration created by a FSSP priest in their church in Rome, where I have had the privilege of hearing Mass. The celebrant does not say St. Joseph's name in the Canon, nor does he observe many other oddities in the 1962 Missal (bowing to the book and not the Cross at per Dominum nostrum, the Holy Name etc., not that anyone observed the suppression of these gestures in 1962 either). Yet there is no Confiteor at Communion nor votive orations and the Gloria is said (the Mass in question is a votive Mass of the Holy Cross). See below around 1:20:


  1. Removing St. Joseph from the canon would go a long way towards unraveling the knots of modern liturgical creativity, if only as a symbolic gesture. Don't forget that Bishop of Rome Francis recently inserted good St. Joseph into the "canon" of the Novus Ordo liturgy.

    Or maybe we could reach a compromise: Novus Ordo parishes will be allowed statues of the youthful St. Joseph, while TLM parishes must portray St. Joseph (correctly) as an old man.

    1. One of these days a pope will come along and start a devotion to "St. James the Babysitter"...

  2. It is fascinating that so many of those claiming to follow the rubrics of the 1962 books don't do so at all. I suspect the vast majority of celebrations are actually a 'mix 'n' match' mess of differing rites. The last, ostensibly, 1962 Mass I went to was a Lefebvrist funeral a few years ago. That was a real mess with bows to the Cross, Orate fratres in the mid voice yet no last Gospel etc. I was very glad when it was over. I shall be publishing my Part 2 series on the 1962MR, dealing with the Ritus servandus, shortly.