Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What Do You Drink?

Yes, it was as good as it looked.
I make no secret that I love a potent potable, although I am far from a dipsomaniac. Aside from wine—and I shudder to think of what middle class America considers "wine," something called Cupcake and another called Barefoot currently impose upon the shelves of most markets—I think a man or woman's choice of adult beverage says much about that person's personality.

Personally I love the Vesper martini, invented by Ian Fleming of James Bond fame while writing at the Duke's Hotel in the Mayfair district of London. I had been on the beverage for a year or two before I had it at the Duke's Hotel. It is three parts gin, one vodka, one Lillet Blanc, with a dash of bitters, served straight with a citrus twist. Generally I like any good gin, be it Beefeater, Tanqueray, or something similar. The best gin I ever had was "No. 3" by Berry Brothers & Rudd of London. I have only seen the stuff once in the United States though.

I think much like myself, gin is an acquired taste that most do not acquire, but those who do can somewhat appreciate. As with my posts, there is great variety in quality of gin and the number of botanicals is not as relevant as most think. The distillation process is really what is key. It is what separates Beefeater from Gordon's (which was a good gin before they watered down the alcohol content from 50% to 40% for American consumers). Also, like gin, I have a bitterness than some cannot get past, but can grow on those who do. And finally I have a bit of snob appeal that may or may not be justified.

What do you drink?

On an unrelated note, I once spent a weekend with a Swedish Baptist and his family of teetotalers. During the car ride to his house I, tired from the trip, suggested I would not mind a tightener upon arrival. He said, "Oh, we're all teetotalers in my family." Not understanding the word, I thought it would be "tea totallers," perhaps indicating enthusiasm for Harney Teas some 10 miles across the New York state border. "Yes," I replied, "I like tea, but I would prefer a stronger drink. Do you have any gin?" Horrified, he explained that no one in his family drank alcohol and they kept none in their house either. I respected his family's position, part religious and part the result of a history of alcoholism in his lineage, however anyone who lives without Bordeaux (or "claret" for English readers) is only living, but is not actually alive!


  1. Normally, a thick and potentially creamy beer (German, English, Scottish, Irish, or Texan).

    "Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy." - Benjamin Franklin

  2. Rakija (šljivovica), irish whiskey, pelinkovac, jägermeister, guiness, kilkenny, erdinger, wine (traminac),

  3. Apothic red; a good blend of grapes, easy to drink, and a fantastic value is my daily bottle of wine.

    Every Christmas my son gives me a bottle of quality cabernet that takes me up to two hours to drink; there is nothing like a great cabernet as one listens to Vivaldi.

  4. Whilst I am fond of a G&T I find gin does not suit my constitution so limit my intake. The dark spirits, particularly whiskies, suit me fine. My favourite tipple by far though is red wine preferably from France, Italy or Spain - in that order - or Chateau Musar from the Lebanon.

  5. My cocktail before dinner is a Martini with a twist of lemon. I'll generally rub the inside of the glass with a bit of lemon peel so the lemon fragrance fills even the empty frozen glass. I like to try different gins, with Gilbey's being a favorite that I like better than many more expensive alternatives. Vermouth must be Dolin or Noilly Prat, everything else I've tried is inferior. The quest for the perfect martini is an important life goal.

    After dinner, nothing beats a single malt Scotch.

  6. Ale. A fine IPA. The hoppier, the happier.

  7. My favorite scotch is Laphroaig. I also like various beers: Heffeweissen (paulaner, weihenstephaner, hohenshoefer), belgian beer (Afflingen Tripel), IPAs, and now and then a little bit of coors light can really hit the spot. I usually drink Bombay gin if I'm drinking gin and tonic but it's not my favorite. And finally I like tequila especially patron silver. I'm not an alcoholic, I'm just in the army. Haha

  8. I am partial to a nice pink gin in the Summer, though I am also fond of a gin and drambuie. At dawn I drink Guinness, since it makes the day shorter.